Monday, February 28, 2011

Using a Brooch

The use of brooches is really popular in the wedding industry right now. We have seen brides use brooches in their bouquets, on their wedding dress, and even on picture frames. It would only be natural for the trend to carry over into the cake world. Using a brooch is the perfect way to give your wedding cake a unique look. Whether your going for a vintage, playful, themed, or classic look of your wedding, there is a brooch for you.
 Vintage Brooch                                                                

Classic Brooch

These are our recent creations using Brooches
 This bride used pearls throughout her entire reception. She wanted to incorporate pearls into her cake while keeping a very classic look.We found 3 pearl brooches at Forever 21 that helped incorporate pearls as well as keep the classic look of her cake.
 This bride had a more playful look to her wedding. Her wedding dress had a blue sash pinned together with a diamond brooch. She wanted her cake to resemble her dress and I think it turned out adorable. This brooch was purchased at Macy's.
Our bride wanted a very vintage/elegant feel to her wedding. She incorporated diamonds and pearls into the look of her reception as well as a rustic gold. We found the perfect brooches for her at Forever 21. The brooches helped pull the look of the reception into the cake along with the height and intricate detail.
Coming Soon: The Groom's Cake

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